A game about recreating walking on the moon.

This is an actual model of Tycho crater at a small scale.  Walk around and explore!  Your Objective: Go to the yellow markers to automatically collect nearby rocks. 

Alpha version 0.7.
No end-game yet.  Skill challenge: Jump up to the lander's "front porch" where you started.

A/D  or <- / -> to turn.  w or ^ to move forward.  Can't really move backwards,  Space to jump.

What do you think other objectives should be?

Made withUnity


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Version Alpha 0.7 Adds objective markers.

you should rig the astronaut with mixamo.

then use a slowed down walk animation. maybe blended.

or using idle while other one invisible walking and jumping animation maybe with ik, so the movements aren't so wide.

Thanks!  I'll look into mixamo.    I wanted to get some basic gameplay working before I tried animating.


FAQ:  Where are the stars?
You can't see the stars on the illuminated side of the moon.  The Earth and Sun are too bright and block them out.  Like standing in a brightly lit parking lot at night.   (At least that's what I'm told.)

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This is tycho crater.  Walk around and explore!   Alpha version 1.
What do you think objectives should be?

maybe finding the other astronaut who only has three minutes worth of oxygen left?

Great idea!